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Boku Group was founded in Toronto by Oyama Zuimei in 2015 and currently holds the ownership of two sub-brands "BOKU" and "Touhenboku". We operate a total of four branches located in the Greater Toronto Area.
Touhenboku is a brand that embodies Japanese craftsmanship spirit, humble character, positive attitude, sincerity, dedication to making authentic dishes and serving every customer to the fullest.
The Kanji characters for Touhenboku are  "唐变木". 


In Japan, when a person is being accused of doing something wrong, he or she will typically reply with "Touhenboku, touhenboku!", which means “I'm sorry. Please forgive my slow reaction and be patient with me." :)
BOKU is a fine-dining brand with the vision of bringing our customers a place where they can enjoy east-asian cuisines fused with a hint of north-americaness. Our dynamic team experienced in Pan-asian cookings enables us to continuely experiment with a variety of fusion ideas.
At BOKU, we have always adhered to the Japanese craftsmanship spirit belief of making handmade traditional ramen. And our pork bone soup is boiled for eight hours to achieve a mellow and thick flavour. We treat this as one of our core values, and we believe it's what makes us stand out in today's highly industrialized food processing industry.

We're grateful for all the Torontonians who chose and continuely choosing to dine at our establishements. And at Boku Group, we will continue to devote ourselves to bringing marvellous dining experiences to this beautiful and ever-growing city. 



Love you Toronto!


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